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Pearson Packaging Systems' Progressive Approach to Business
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Social Media Tips and Strategies for Manufacturers
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How Manufacturers Can Win During a Recession
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Fogg Filler Shines in New Markets
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How Manufacturers Can Enhance Cybersecurity 
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Augmented, Virtual Reality Are OEM-Ready 
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As the Senior Managing Editor of OEM Magazine, I managed the editorial production process from start to finish. I wrote feature articles, profiles, columns, and case studies for every issue. 


As the Features Editor of Packaging World Magazine, I wrote feature articles, profiles, and case studies for every issue. 

Automated Cartoner Allows Craft Company to Thrive
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Waste-Free Products Need Packaging, Too
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Body positivity and the fat acceptance movement weren’t a mere moment for me. They permane


My Fat Liberation is Not a Trend
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